Use Cases

For Schools

Whether you work at a private institution that relies on benefactors to keep afloat or you’re a big public school who knows how great a solid reputation is for you, why not let your contented students and parents speak for themselves?

Non Profit

Charities, volunteer organizations, and nonprofits are all wonderful institutions. But if you’re anything like the typical American, you want to know exactly where your time, talents, and paychecks are going before you can commit to any nonprofit.


In a world of online advertising and commerce, it can be hard to stand out. But adding video reviews to your arsenal can help humanize your store and differentiate it from tens of impersonal online retailers. Just as seeing the faces behind our favorite products can help an audience to sympathize with its suppliers, seeing people share their reviews of a company can give a sense of intimacy to the often distant field of consumer relations.

Video Podcasts

If you’re a content creator, you’re likely already aware of the value of a video podcast- that is, filming a podcast segment and gaining both visual and audio content for your brand. Why not apply that same logic to audience interactions, allowing your listeners/viewers to submit videos of themselves sharing their praise for your content or otherwise contributing to your show?


All too often after conferences or retreats take place, the memories of the event fade without much to remember them by. Unless a few regular attendees have perfect memories, recurring retreats can only rely on flawed accounts. But by inviting conference attendees to share their testimonials after the retreat, future guests can see how rejuvenated they are and will be looking up next year’s conference dates before you know it.

Book Reviews

Nowadays, books seem to be making a huge comeback, and we’re thrilled about it. But if we’re taking the time to sit down with entire novels, are we really going to also sit through pages of book reviews before indulging in our next read? What if we want reliable information about both new and old paperbacks without scrolling through Reddit or sitting through Youtube videos?


When employers decide to interview virtually, the process can be a little… grueling. From spotty Zoom connection to over-talkative applicants (which in moderation can be a good thing), video interviews can have their hang-ups. By starting an Eveclips campaign and letting employees give you thirty-second elevator clips, you save time on your end and give them the chance to rehearse a few times before presenting their best selves.