Video Testimonials

Easily allow your customers to send you 30-second video testimonials

How It Works

Get started in minutes

1. Customize Your Testimonial Landing Page

Add your logo, campaign title, and description.

2. Your Customers Record and Upload Their Videos

Your customers can easily record and upload using their phones, tablets, or computers.

3. Review and Publish

You review each video before publishing.

  • Copy the video link and embed it directly on your website
  • Download the videos and edit them together to make a testimonial compilation

Authentic customer experiences

Review and approve before publishing


Can customers send videos longer than 30 seconds?

Currently we only allow for a maximum video length of 30 seconds. However customers can send multiple videos back to back if they need to communicate a longer message. Organizations needing more customization, including increasing the video recording length may be able to upgrade.  Please email for additional assistance.

Can I add my own Terms & Conditions?

Organizations needing more customization, including adding their own Terms & Conditions, may be able to upgrade.  Please email for additional assistance.

Are videos private?

Eveclips videos testimonials are intended for public viewing. Our platform should not be used for sharing video content that is not intended for public consumption. Videos are not encrypted and they are available on publically accessible URLs.

I am having difficult accessing my account

Please email for assistance.

What Can You Do With Video Testimonials?

Embed Directly On Your Website

Just copy the video link and add it directly to your WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, or Wix website.

Edit With Other Videos

Download the video files

Marketing Channels

Include video testimonials in your email blasts or publish to social-media channels